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Paul Carella and his Band with support act Dexeter will be playing at The Borderline in London UK on July 24th 2015!

We are very happy to announce....Paul Carella will be back in Frankfurt on July 19th 2015!

Picture: Christine Peters


Thank you Jason Manns, Rob Benedict and Paul Carella for this amazing tour! It was such a great time with awesome music, wonderful events and lots of great moments!

I'm sure everyone who was there, agrees when I say we need to do this again, soon!

Also a big thank you, to everyone who came out to join us on this tour, at a show, a VIP Event or online for the StageIt show! It was so great so see y'all! And hope to see you soon, again!


Jason Manns & Rob Benedict together on Tour!

The Tour with Jason Manns and Rob Benedict kicks off tonight in Berlin...then off to Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt and London.

Tickets for Berlin tonight - please come and join us and pay at the door.

Tickets for Munich, Cologne and Frankfurt are available at

Tickets for the London show are available at

We hope to see y'all on the road!


We have great news for you!

We're very happy to announce that the wonderful Paul Carella is opening for Jason Manns & Rob Benedict at the Matinee show on Sunday Feb. 8th in Frankfurt!

Also we can offer you exclusively on the Sunday Feb. 8th at the Frankfurt venue a photo op with our great artists....time, prices and tickets will be on the website in the next few days!


After the awesome experience of those two wonderful musicians getting on stage together at the Jailbreak/Rome in May 2014, Jason Manns and Rob Benedict, decided to join up for a tour. Don't miss that one time opportunity and get your tickets now!

Picture: Christine Peters


For all the UK Fans....great news.....The Final Wish are also playing in London!


The Final Wish and Hayden Lee together on Tour!

We're very happy to announce another awesome collaboration of great musicians. The Final Wish (Emad Alaeddin and Natasha Dahdaleh) and Hayden Lee are coming this November to Frankfurt/Germany. Get your tickets now!


Pictures of Emad Alaeddin and Natasha Dahdaleh: Christine Peters







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Countdown 4 our "Save the date Oct 2nd-4th" announcement is running.Curtain will be lifted March 7th! It's going 2B a gr8 event w/gr8 names!
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You can also get your tix for @PaulCarella in London at @theborderline on July 24th (Support from @dexeterband ) at
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Regarding the @PaulCarella tour in July: he's playing w/his band at The Borderline in London on July 24th. Tix at
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Stay tuned for our "save the date announcement" for Oct 2nd-4th in the next 2 weeks & some news coming up this WE for the Paul Carella tour!
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@sheepyie We're on won't be long until ya'll get the news. ;)
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